#Trending – Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder dresses and tops serve as a perfect way to show some skin in a subtle way. What makes a cold shoulder special is that they have a nice cut out on the shoulder that shows the perfect amount of skin! Pair a cold shoulder top with high rise jeans or a cute a line skirt. There are plenty of options that I am sure you could pair with what you have in your wardrobe!


Stay faithful and stylish!

Moné Capri 💕

Author: Moné C. Johnson

CEO/ Designer of MonéCapri Clothing Brand and founder of Beautifully and Wonderfully Made, non profit organization; and FaithfulandStylish.com

2 thoughts on “#Trending – Cold Shoulder”

  1. I love the way you set the outfits up, it allows me to pull pieces from each category to create the perfect look😆😆😆😆, and your blog keeps me updated on all the hottest trends!! 💅💅💅


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