How To – Smart Packing

I am about to make packing so much easier for you!

If you’re like me, packing is the only thing you dread when it’s time to travel. There are so many thoughts and possibilities running through your mind. Things like, “what if I go to a gala, I have to bring my ball gown” or, “even though I’m going to Antartica, I may go swimming, I need my bikini”. Often times our minds lead us to overpacking and we end up with 2 suitcases for an overnight trip. (Story of my life.)

Well, I created a formula to make packing blues turn into sunny skies!

  1. Let’s start with layers. Some essential layers that I always seem to pack (and it depends on season) are my leather jacket, fur vest, a long cardigan/ vest, and a wildcard. I threw in a color-blocked bomber jacket as my wildcard. I chose my layered pieces considering the different options I would have. You can easily throw each layer over any top, which we’ll get into later! I chose colors that were neutral and within the same color story. img_0422
  2. Next, we have tops/ dresses! I chose three basic v necks, two collared tops, two dresses, and one knit tank! (SN: something to consider while packing is if your trip is mostly casual or formal. It will save you so much time with your outfit selections) The reasons behind my top and dress selections are that I wanted something effortless and stylish. You can’t go wrong with basic t-shirts that are easily paired with a fur vest, leather jacket, or a bomber jacket. The denim shirt is a great go-to item because it can easily be paired with almost anything and it is so essential! I decided on a plaid top because it’s easy to throw own and printed pieces can make spruce up any outfit. Packing should not be difficult! Pick things that are easy and that you know looks good on you. The two dresses I chose are both casual, a t-shirt dress and a LBD. Again, any of our layered pieces would pair perfectly well with them. The LBD is that item that you may or may not need but just in case you need to get fancy this is the one item that will take you there quick paired with the right pieces you packed. img_0460
  3. Bottoms up! When packing bottoms a pair of jeans (two separate washes are not needed), black skinny jeans, and a neutral colored pant is perfection! Jeans can be worn multiple times throughout your trip, they’re easy. The neutral colored pant serves as a wild card. They add color and personality and match perfectly with your color palette. Lastly, it’s nice to throw in a black pair! Black is slimming and can be dressed up easily. They pair well with all your layers and tops. img_0478
  4. And lastly, accessories and shoes. Think about the final touches you want to add to outfits. Think about the comfort level you like when wearing shoes. I decided on only TWO pairs of shoes. I know that’s unheard of for a woman but time is out for over packing. Even though you may think you need that pair of heels, those sneakers; are you really going to wear them? We have to ask ourselves these questions. Both booties can be worn and paired with any outfit combination. The scarf is our wildcard img_0502

There you have it! My perfect packing formula! Use it for any season and any occasion!

Comment below with some of your favorite packing hacks and secrets!

As always, stay faithful and stylish!


Author: Moné C. Johnson

CEO/ Designer of MonéCapri Clothing Brand and founder of Beautifully and Wonderfully Made, non profit organization; and

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