#Trending – Palazzo Pants 

This is all about drama! Well the good drama at least! 
Palazzo pants are making a reappearance this spring season! They are available in so many shades and beautiful prints. 
While palazzo pants are definitely a statement piece, don’t be afraid to wear them with a dramatic top especially if you can score a solid color pair! Have fun dressing up or dressing down your very own pair! 

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#Trending – Joggers 

Joggers are universal and can be worn numerous ways! I broke how to wear them down into three scenarios! Dressy, causal, and fun!

Worn dressy! Of course heels are the ultimate way to turn anything casual into a show stopper! I also paired the joggers with a blazer to add a sophisticated touch!
Worn fun! Fun is all in the details! To add a special touch to the joggers I paired them with a ruffled off the shoulder top and some cute chunky heel sandals!
When I think casual I think comfort! So I paired the joggers with sneakers, a tank, and a leather jacket. Who said casual couldn’t be fashionable?!

#Trending – Luxe Velvet 

Velvet is the perfect winter fabric! It makes you feel warm while making you look fabulous. You can rock velvet shoes, dresses, or skirts! Pair it casually, spice it up or mix both! Let your personal style shine! Velvet comes crushed, soft and smoove, and in so many colors! Try velvet this winter season!

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#Trending – Double Denim

Denim on denim has been a favorite of many! The secret to rocking double denim is to contrast. If you have a darker denim on top wear a lighter one below and vice versa. Double denim looks nice paired with neutral colors and jewel tones. Try out double denim and see what combinations you can come up with!

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#Trending – Dusty Pink

Dusty pink is the perfect shade that has just enough femininity without being over the top. It’s sophisticated while still remaining fresh! Rock dusty pink in tops, bottoms, or a layer! The possibilities are endless! Continue reading “#Trending – Dusty Pink”

#Trending – Longline Bomber

Different than the traditional bomber jacket, the longline bomber is definitely more edgier. Pair it with mini skirts, distressed denim, and a cute shift dress! They come in different prints and textures so find one that fits your personal style. It’s the perfect layer for fall nights! Continue reading “#Trending – Longline Bomber”

#Trending – Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder tops and dresses are a nice way to show some skin while still remaining cover up. They come in different prints and textures and look great paired with leather, denim, and suede. Add this piece to your wardrobe if you’re looking for something new and different! Continue reading “#Trending – Off The Shoulder”