#Trending – Palazzo Pants 

This is all about drama! Well the good drama at least! 
Palazzo pants are making a reappearance this spring season! They are available in so many shades and beautiful prints. 
While palazzo pants are definitely a statement piece, don’t be afraid to wear them with a dramatic top especially if you can score a solid color pair! Have fun dressing up or dressing down your very own pair! 

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#Trending – Luxe Velvet 

Velvet is the perfect winter fabric! It makes you feel warm while making you look fabulous. You can rock velvet shoes, dresses, or skirts! Pair it casually, spice it up or mix both! Let your personal style shine! Velvet comes crushed, soft and smoove, and in so many colors! Try velvet this winter season!

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#Trending – Mustard Color

Mustard doesn’t only belong on your hotdog! Add this color to your wardrobe if you are looking for a bright color to wear during the fall that super festive and appropriate!

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#Trending – Midi Swing Skirt

The swing style midi skirt is the perfect flirty piece to add to your wardrobe. Rock it with a moto jacket for a bit of an edge, booties for a laid back style, or with a pair of your favorite heels for an elegant look. There are so many prints, volumes, and textures to choose from! I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your personal style. Continue reading “#Trending – Midi Swing Skirt”

#Trending – Over-the-Knee Boots

Add some spice into your wardrobe with over-the-knee boots. They look great paired with skirts and dresses! For a more edgy look, pair them with skinny jeans. You are sure to turn heads with this style boot! Check out the style here!

#Trending – Trench Coats and Dusters

Trench coats and dusters can add that perfect touch and will turn any basic look into something super stylish. Pair them with slacks, midi skirts, jeans and sneakers, and even your favorite little black dress. They’re perfect for your 9 to 5 and just as perfect for running errands. The trench coat and duster also serve as a great season transitional piece depending on the weight! Continue reading “#Trending – Trench Coats and Dusters”

9 Must Have Shoes for Every Fashionista

Here’s a list of shoes I’ve that I believe EVERY fashionista should own! Check it out comment with your favorite pair! Click here to check out the list!